Since 1948, the fundamental purpose of Agricultural Workers Mutual Auto Insurance Company has remained the same -- to provide an economical solution to the insurance needs of the Texas agricultural community. The organizers of the Company recognized the unique demands of the agricultural community and more importantly how the existing insurance market failed to fulfill those demands. Thus for over 67 years the Company’s management has strived to serve that market. During that time, the Company has become licensed in other states, added lines of insurance and expanded its operations to provide additional services to its members.

Today, AgWorkers has over 18,000 policyholders/members. As a mutual property and casualty insurance company, AgWorkers is controlled by its policyholders/members. As a mutual insurance company moreover, AgWorkers has paid dividends to its policyholders every year since its organization. Thus Ag Workers policyholders have received a check in the mail from the Company every year for over six decades! Since 2000 the Company has paid in excess of $125 Million Dollars in dividends back to its policyholders.

History of AgWorkers

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